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Energy Managements

Energy Management with Low Voltage Products

Highly Flexible System -Based Switching, Protecting and Starting

  • SIRIUS Modular System with its Components for Switching, Starting, Protection and Monitoring of Motors
  • It Offers Everything for Electrical Cabinet for Fast, Flexible and Space-Saving Construction of Control Cabinets
  • Integrated Features are Available for Energy Management and Monitoring System
  • Protection Against Damage from Over Voltage
The SIRIUS modular system

Do you want to save time and effort? The SIRIUS modular system combines digital planning and a standard-compliant implementation for your requirement, regardless of the application or location. Comprehensive planning tools, consulting expertise, and tested product combinations will assist you in the transition from digital to actual control cabinet construction.

The SIRIUS modular system includes the portfolio for industrial control engineering for switching, protecting, monitoring, and starting motors and plants. This highly flexible modular system is quick to connect and communicate with other products and complies with all standards to ensure stress-free planning and construction of control cabinets.

Pure functionality

No matter what machine you are planning, we cover all applications for switching, protecting, starting and monitoring of motors. Whatever your application, be it standard or extreme as well as IE3/IE4motors, we cover all your requirements.

This functional diversity is covered by the SIRIUS modular system’s protection equipment and switching devices. They offer the highest performance-to-size ratio anywhere in the world,which saves valuable space in the control cabinet. In addition, tested combinations and perfectly coordinated components. The SIRIUS components always comply with current standards and fulfill the latest requirements on the market; therefore IE3/IE4-ready.

Proven system properties

The strength of the system lies in its modular construction across all sizes, covering all applications thanks to comprehensive accessories. Wiring is reduced with the clip-on function modules for AS-i and IO-Link, and the optional bundling of up to four feeders per IO-Link channel shrinks the space requirement. Feedback messages from the load feeder ensure higher transparency, and it’s also possible to connect to energy management systems. A variety of monitoring functions and preventive maintenance increase plant availability.

Efficient planning and engineering

Thanks to digitalization, we can offer many advantages to control panel designers for planning and engineering. Comprehensive data – including 3D models and macros for the leading CAE systems enable simple and error-free planning and system documentation. The components of the SIRIUS modular system are standard-compliant and tested for extreme operating conditions, making them suitable for use worldwide for all applications. Furthermore, in combination with our frequency converters we offer  aligned and harmonized solutions.